vision e mission

Vision & Mission

CRISTALFARMA was founded in Milan in 2004 with the aim of supporting and promoting people's well-being and health, devising and developing innovative natural food supplements and dermocosmetics, based on phytotherapeutic compounds. We have always been committed to spreading the culture of well-being through the value of phytotherapy to offer a more conscious future.


  • SUSTAINABILITY for the environment and the human body. We believe that the right balance between human beings and nature is a fundamental condition for better living.
  • INNOVATION in formulations of our products and in the research methods with which we carry out our studies. We aim for ambitious goals and we explore new or future health needs proposing solutions to support the body's wellbeing.
  • TRANSPARENCY of our daily actions, to create a genuine relationship of trust characterised by an ethical behaviour and respect, which people also place in us every day.